The Uphoff Scholarships were originally embedded in the selection process of the Silver and Gold Key Scholastic Competition program. The Jury panel consists of 18-20 arts professionals and rotates on an annual basis. This panel selects the top ranking portfolios from all seniors across Fairfax County public, private, and home schooled submissions. The Arts Council of Fairfax County juries the top candidates based on this pre-selection.

The Howard Uphoff Art Scholarship is distributed by the Arts Council of Fairfax County at the bequest of the Howard Uphoff estate. Scholarships are awarded to Fairfax County Public School graduating senior participants in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, a nationwide program that recognizes creative teenagers with scholarship opportunities.

As of 2013 the Arts Council has expanded the Uphoff Scholarships to include funding for students participating in all arts disciplines. By forming new partnerships with scholarship programs run by local arts organizations, the Uphoff Scholarships are able to benefit more students in Fairfax County as they pursue advanced arts studies.  Currently, the Arts Council awards seven $1,000 awards to students throughout the county.

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Howard Uphoff established this scholarship fund to assist high school students in the fulfillment of their dream for artistic training. Recipients must intend to continue their studies of the arts in college.

2014uphoff 1

2014 Uphoff Awardee Joel Hierholzer with Linda S. Sullivan, president & CEO, Arts Council of Fairfax County

2014uphoff 2

2014 Uphoff Awardee Min Kyong Han with Linda and Nancy Uphoff.

2014uphoff 3

2014 Uphoff Awardee Amanda Pham

About Howard Uphoff


Born in 1909, Howard wanted to study art when he graduated from high school but could not afford the tuition. At the age of 59, Howard revisited his dream to become an artist. Taking day and evening classes, he became a prolific artist in the Washington D.C. area, mounting many successful one-man shows and exhibitions and winning local recognition. Howard Uphoff established this scholarship fund to assist high school students pursue their dream for artistic training.